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Fitting and using a child car seat correctly is just as important as choosing the safest seat possible. Here you can find out where you can get help to properly fit your child's restraint, Baby Capsule or booster seat.

If your child restraint is not fitted correctly, then it may not help to protect your child in a crash.

ACRI Trained child restraint fitters can help you to install your child restraint or booster seat properly.

Authorised restraint Fitting Stations Installation time

Each Child restraint requires 30 minutes to install,

In the 30 minute time frame, Make sure you get the ACRI Accredited Child restraint fitter -

  1. Take you through the operation of the child restraint,
  2. explains the height markers,
  3. Show how to make adjustments,
  4. Explain the typical issues that you may encounter,
  5. Explain how to and when to turn your child around or move to the next child restraint
  6. Encourage you to try out the operation of the child restraint.
  7. Provide you with a check-list and explain each item you need to focus on.
  8. Provide you with an ACRI Installation certificate, Certifying we have installed your car seat to Manufacturer Specifications and beyond.

ACRI Accredited restraint Fitting Station Service

All of our technicians are ACRI accredited car seat fitters, which means we're safe!

  • Only Ever TRUST ACRI Fitters.
  • Is an ACRI Professional Individual Member with 12 months experience
  • ACRI Fitters are continuously updated with the latest Australian Standards,
  • ACRI Fitters are trained by the car seat manufacturers on the latest baby car seats
  • ACRI Car Seat Fitters are audited every year to ensure their knowledge is up to date
  • An ACRI Accreditation means we are approved installers from the governing body of the baby car seat fitting industry, so you're in safe hands.

ASK yourself did that Mechanic undertake ANY training on Baby Car Seats or did he Install the Seat because his Boss asked him to..

We MAINTAIN our Accreditation and continuously train with the manufacturers.

We are truly passionate about child restraint fitting and always take you through the operation of the child restraint and types of issues which may come up with your child restraint and how to overcome the issues you may experience.

ACRI Professional Car Seat Technicians are the only Qualified Car Seat Technicians who are up to date with the latest standards & are trained by the car seat manufacturers

Many Auto work-shops are accredited at a business level and normally you will get an apprentice mechanic installing your car.

ACRI Car seat Professionals are individually trained, audited & certified

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Restraint fitting stations are available throughout Victoria

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At Car Seat fitting in Melbourne, we provide a car seat fitting service across Melbourne, including the inner eastern suburbs such as Richmond, Hawthorn, Kew Bayside suburbs and around South Melbourne and Port Melbourne

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We cover nearly all of Bayside, Port Phillip, and inner Melbourne, In most cases can meet you at your home or office.

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